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An intimate story

A colleague recently came in and said: "Can we talk?"

Since we are an open door organisation, the answer was an emphatic "Yes".

The question on her mind was the validity of doing a PhD degree programme, given the nature of today's economic environment and the investment in time. My first question to her as it would be to anyone, "Why do you want to do a PhD?"

There are many valid reasons to do this degree programme but the principle ones are to teach at a recognized academic institution at university level and the second is to conduct research at a specific institution with the goal to becoming a specialist on the subject. If this is your objective, then choosing to do a PhD is a noble and worthwhile pursuit.

Given the context, choosing the type of PhD is as important as the decision in making the commitment to do this programme. There are Full-Time, Part-Time, and even online options, choosing the right option matters as much as the degree. The degree is awarded after the student has successfully completed a thesis, which has been decided on, this is set out between the academic advisor and PhD candidate. Understanding the method on building the structure for this thesis can be complex, and having an open discussion about your plans is advantageous.

If you would like to have an open discussion about your plans and approach for doing a PhD, as with our colleague, we have an open door policy and welcome you to contact us.

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