How To Gain A New Sense Of Harmonics

“Because choosing the right cocktail is not enough…”

According to the New York Times, more MBA candidates are hiring coaches in order to learn to be audacious. Rather than creating a more level playing field, the advantage has shifted to those MBA candidates savvy enough to engage professional assistance. So what should you do? Perhaps the time has come to contact MBA coaching Paris: CAREO.

It is no longer enough to have an excellent track record. This has become a sine quo non. Bog standard won’t get you accepted. You will need to be audacious. You will need to know how to differentiate your profile. So we’ve decided to cut out some of the guesswork and give you a leg up. Start by following the steps listed below Get inspired, and your MBA application will stand out like a diamond in the window of Cartier.

| Step 1: Choosing The Best Business Schools|
Choosing the best business schools is easier said than done. We advise consulting the rankings such as those cited in the FT, US News, and BusinessWeek. Recognize that rankings are essentially beauty contests. However, the rankings are a good place to start and identify where you think you might want to be. Some candidates prefer a one year program and others prefer a two year program.

Identity between 4-6 MBA programs geared to your professional objectives. Sometimes, the usual suspects are not necessarily the best fit. Besides investigating online, which is relatively an easy affair, try to visit the campuses you hope to enroll in. MBA campus culture varies at each business school. Get beyond the cocktail-marketing brochures. Get in touch with real alumni. Contact the school and ask to speak either with admissions officers or the school administration. Feel out your prospects. You are about to embark on a marketing offensive in a highly competitive and saturated market.

| Step 2: Analyze Your Profile |
Conduct a type of SWOT Analysis of your profile. Identify your strengths both inside and outside the workplace. Try to list points that make your candidacy shine. Be clear in your mind as to what you hope to achieve. List your real developmental needs. What do you really want to gain from an MBA aside from acquiring another diploma? You will need to build a strong case as to why the schools should accept you rather than someone else with a similar profile.

“When you’re still undecided…”

| Step 3: Handling The Entrance Exams |
Make yourself a study agenda for the required entrance exams, which concern you. For the majority of MBA candidates, this means tackling the GMAT & TOEFL. The number of schools, which will accept your profile without these exams, is extremely limited. Test prep should be taken seriously. Plan on taking the exams more than once. Most people do.

| Step 4: How To Study |
Determine whether you can prepare by yourself or need help. Most people enroll in organized Test Prep centers where large group classes are the norm. Some organizations are better than others. Look at the results of the organization you wish to enroll. The quality of the teachers coupled to your own sweat equity will determine your test prep success. The key here is practice, practice, and yes, practice. Average GMAT scores at the top MBAs are +680 (GMAT) & +105 (TOEFL).

| Step 5: Learn To Build Persuasive Essays |
Once the GMAT & TOEFL are out of the way, the time has come to tackle the MBA essays. The essays must engage. Think storyline. Build the type of content, which makes your profile stand apart. Everyone of us is unique. However, as George Orwell might have said, “Some of us are more unique than others”. Differentiators will set your MBA application apart from the pack.

With so many applicants, the schools are spoiled for choice. Make sure that your professional objectives are clear and concise. One way to convince the Admissions Committee is to go outside the box with subjects on non-work related activities, which demonstrate your vision, achievements, and skills.

Most schools field different questions. This is done on purpose so that you do not copy and paste. Getting the essays right is not just about writing. Essay writing is really an exercise in strategic marketing to a highly targeted constituent audience. The MBA Admissions Committees will give you no slack. Therefore, you must be persuasive.

| Step 6: How To Train For Your Interview |
Interviews are not required for every MBA applicant. However, most of the top schools have made this part of the MBA application process. The point is to meet the person behind the written word. To go to an interview unprepared is sudden death. We advise serious training with someone in person. Practice until you are comfortable and can manage the unexpected.

| Step 7: Find A Unique Sense Of Purpose |
For inspiration, take Mohammed Ali’s advice: “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Although you can sting, you should prefer to float like a butterfly. Manifest your own beatitude. Believe that you can give joy to many. By doing so, you will show that you have the perception to think beyond your own sand box. A butterfly serves its purpose with a fruitful and productive life. You can too. It is just a question of direction and will. As human beings, we feel the need to do more than just drive to the office in the morning doing the same old, same old.

“When you’re looking for a whole new sense of harmonics…”

Many of us are truly blessed and do not lack a sense of prosperity. Wealth is such an open-ended term. It is not about bags of gold. It is about health, humour, and love. As they say in social media: share the wealth. Prosperity is about the privilege to access opportunity. Harvest the resources at our command. It does not mean living in a dwelling so large that you need a GPS to find you’re way from room to room.

There is a beautiful verse in Sanskrit, which will give you a whole new sense of harmonics. It is from the Gunaratna of Bhavabhuti:

“For the wicked, knowledge is used for conflict or war, wealth is for pride and vanity, and strength and power are used to oppress or torture others. For a noble person, it is completely different: Education is for knowledge to make everything better, wealth is for charity, and strength or power is solely for protection.”

There is much food for thought here.

I therefore urge you, if you are planning to do an MBA: Become audacious. Jump and be free of the expectations of others. Find your true fulfilment and a transformational educational experience in the bargain. If you have wealth or resources, then share them with those in real need. If you are strong and have a sense of purpose, then use your strengths in the service of your community. By doing so, you hold the keys to business leadership in the real meaning of the term.

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Article Title: How To Gain A New Sense Of Harmonics
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Why Business Leaders Need Meditation

Forget any notions of a glass ceiling…”

Meditation can certainly drive us 8 miles high. Call it the acid test of experience. When we can get too big for our spats, we need balance grounded in humility and awareness. Otherwise, our attitudes on self-aggrandizement can ruin the best of us.

Meditation calls for an attitudinal transformation. It is perfect for career management and MBA coaching. Nothing is more transformational than chanting on the top of a mountain. There are many forms of meditation from which to choose. It is best to choose one, which is easy to practice and comfortable. The key is consistency and daily practice.

“There are just some things from which you can never hide…”

If you have the power to breath, you have the capability to meditate. To claim you do not have enough time is a feeble excuse. Although our world has changed, there are still many in business leadership who are uncomfortable with the concept of meditation and spirituality. However, whether you are comfortable or not, the spiritual world permeates every entity and activity both organic and inorganic. This includes business activities and organizations.

Simply put, meditation will enhance your effectiveness. There is nothing to fear; it is a question of insight. From this standpoint, meditation is a path of audaciousness. Warriors and Zen masters have used its power for centuries. The good news is that it is not linked directly to occupation. It is an applied science. It forces you to consider your place, your purpose, and what you are really doing.

Nobody wants to hear about impermanence nor about emptiness or death. It makes us feel uneasy and we start to fidget. However “real” we believe that we are and the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the reality of any situation is different from our perception. This does not imply that what we do in the time in which we are given does not matter. The Big Boss is in the details. So everything does matter.

“When you are contemplating your inner light…”

What I am suggesting is to add the spice of love and compassion to your perception. By doing so, you will witness and experience a quantifiable change in your working world and in your personal life. Remember, what matters most is around you at all times.

There is a great quotation, which comes from a rather unusual source. Let me share it with you:

I go to where the puck will be, not to where it has been.”
– Wayne Gretzky

And you thought, meditation was just for Bobos practicing yoga and eating wheat grass!

Article Title: Why Business Leaders Need Meditation
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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How To Overcome Your Worst Fear

“When the sun gets in your eyes.”

One of our worst handicaps is to be overcome by fear. Whether it is fear of the unknown or fear of tackling obstacles, this emotion can be crippling. Nobody is immune, and it is a classic drama set up and perpetuated by our own minds. Although the mind can be a great tool when properly harnessed, left to its own devices, it can and often will run amok.

Sometime ago, a dear colleague shared with me a small parable on the power of fear warbled by a great sage. Even though the actual story took place in India and is set within a distinct cultural context, the message is universal. Give in to fear, and you are cooked.

The Road To Nowhere
“Many years ago, a hermit returning from the Himalayas met the Goddess of Cholera on the road to Chitta. It is a small village buried in the deserts of Andhra Pradesh.

She had just returned from a Kali festival, where the villagers had partied and sang devotional songs long into the night under a canopy of evening stars. While the people sang, there was joy. Their minds were focused. Under such conditions, fear could not penetrate their hearts. So, the Goddess set about her task and then took a nap under an old pipal tree.

When she awoke the following morning, the Goddess found the population in a state of shock. News rapidly spread throughout the village that 10 people had died during the night. Many others were soon diagnosed in critical condition. Even the local physician was perplexed. What type of epidemic could strike a whole community with such lightening speed? Prior to yesterday not a soul had so much as a cold.

“Because everyone loves a good shadow play…”

The mayor quickly called an emergency session of town elders. Some came. Others got away. Of those who attended, each member began to speculate. Was the water contaminated? Were there some mysterious spores in the air? Whatever the reason, panic ensued. Some ran through the streets thinking it was Godzilla. Others barricaded themselves in doors or hid in basements. No matter what action plan they implemented the same nagging question held ground: How could there be so much happiness one moment, and then the pallor of death in the next? Under such conditions, was it any wonder that fear was rife in this normally placid village.

As the Goddess was getting ready to continue on her tour of this desert region, she came across a very concerned hermit who lived in a palm frond shack just a stone’s throw from where she spent the evening.

Unafraid of the Goddess, the hermit shyly approached and begged for a brief audience. She quickly consented.

“How many souls have you gathered into your lap? asked the hermit.

“Only the number in my hands”, she replied.

The hermit nodded his head when he saw the number. Despite his intense spiritual sadhana, he still couldn’t fathom the reason. What the hermit couldn’t know was that the Goddess did not relate the entire story. Witnessing the anxiousness starting to manifest on the his brow, she decided to take this stoic ascetic into her confidence.

“Truly speaking, prior to the festivities, there were hundreds of casualties before I had arrived. When the party was in full swing, every mind was concentrated and focused. The moment everyone went home, the community reverted back to its former mindset and anxieties. It was at this point I set about my business which was to take only ten souls; the rest died out of panic and fear!”

“What were they afraid of?”

“That’s the thing. Nobody knows. Fear only lurks in the shadows. It cannot be exposed to the sunlight. In the light, everything has clarity and is stripped away. The villagers had become so afraid, they locked all their doors and windows, blocking out any trace of light. Is it any wonder that they cannot see what is so clear to you and I?”

“Within every challenge lies the solution…”

Understanding Your True Nature
The sage who narrated this story to my colleague used the above parable to further explain a crucial lesson for anyone interested in real Spring cleaning:

“Man is Aathmaswarupa (self-embodied), that is Abhayaswaruupa (fearlessness-embodied). If only everyone knew their real nature, then there would be no room for fear or cowardice.

The main aim of cultural education should be to teach people how to cultivate mental calm and courage. If each individual feels kinship with everyone else, then the world is indeed blessed. There is no room for fear. When we are born, we all cry out, Ko’ham, which is Sanskrit for “Who am I”? When we depart this world as each of us must, we should utter So’ham, which is Sanskrit for “I am He”. See Me in each other, and your hearts will always be filled with an ever lasting divine flame. Fear can never enter here for it is my abode.”

Much food for thought as we ourselves tackle new challenges and clean out our own inner closets.

Article Title: How To Overcome Your Worst Fear
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW brand.

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Why The Fundamentals Are Keys To Social Media Management

“Because you love a good story…”

Managing social media demands perseverance. Analyzing trends and tactics can feel like reading tea leaves. To get relevant traction, read the experts. LinkedIn features many. One thing however, is certain. Your social media team must be passionate about being wired.

Key 1: Social Listening
This will not come as a surprise to astute marketing experts. Listen to your customers. Analyze your sector. Pay attention to firms, which shape trends. Then, examine the online behavior of your target audience.

According to intelligence reports, +60% engaged in marketing use social listening strategies. What is surprising is that many marketing experts secretly feel that their social media tactics are ineffective. So what is the secret to actionable social marketing? The term is engagement.

Engagement is more than posting tweets at red lights. Dont’ flood Twitter with dross. Make the messages tight. Add visual content. Tell a story. Give people a reason to follow you. Use Tweet Deck to time the delivery. Times should be calibrated to market where you operate. Respond to follows, retweets, and favorites. The more you dialogue, the more compelling this channel becomes in your social strategy.

“Because you love simplicity…”

Blog Content
Content marketing on your blog demands compelling story telling. Every major brand that works has a story to tell. The best have a heritage to draw upon. Keep the voice dynamic and youthful in spirit. Use videos and image rich content. When you understand need, you recognize people don’t buy products. They buy value propositions, which change their lives. Therefore, make your messages meaningful.

In our experience, viewers love what is termed, a value exchange. People are after all, people. They crave entertainment and excitement. Give them the old pizazz.

“When it’s hard to say goodbye…”

Key 2: Adverts v. Sponsored Posts
The lure to advertise on social media is overwhelming. Everyone believes, if I only had a banner… Google Ads and others can make a difference. It will depend on which keywords you feel are worthy of investment. Other social media platforms offer sponsored posts. Which ones to choose depends on where you think your clients live online. Facebook clearly tops everyone’s list. Be aware that certain audiences find adverts an annoyance, not a call to action.

Depending on your market, advertise in a magazine or newspaper online. In fashion, the adverts constitute part of the reader’s pleasure. Everything online should be a call to action. If you have the budget, go for it.

Use advertising to enhance your brand, but do so with discrimination. Case studies indicate that content driven posts are more effective. They generate dialogue and speak to actual desires. Begin with classic channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Studies indicate using a mix. Keep the channels linked, but do not repeat the same content.

Since financials matter, where is your money best positioned? To sponsor a post can gain attention in search engines. This does not imply that people will read the post or act on the story you are selling. A content driven story is different. Readers appreciate when nobody is actively selling them something. They are attracted to the message. Your call to action is implied. In other words, your content adds meaning to their lives. This is the ideal value proposition. Authority and credibility convert calls to action into sales.

Here’s a few pointers to get started:

a) Establish measurable marketing goals
b) Set your budget
c) Know your audience’s needs
d) Pick the channels
e) Research appropriate advert types
f) Examine similar concepts used by your competitors
e) Optimize your landing pages

Key 3: The relationship between email and social media
Email marketing is commonplace. It takes the form of newsletters. That is why firms encourage potential clients to sign up. The recipients will not always read your updates or promotions. It is still a great way to reach out.

Subscribers also enhance your database. This enables you to calibrate future offers and share your content across relevant social media channels.

“Because some part of us never grows up…”

Key 4: The Social Media Team
Typical social media teams tend to be small. They can even be just one person. Budget plays a role. Examine firms whose social media strategies you admire. Learn how they play their audiences. Adapt your social media positioning accordingly to your business model.

Then ask yourself, what do you really hope to accomplish? There shouldn’t be any mystery. Focus on basics, quality, and strategy. Make your website, blog, and other social media channels engaging.

Key 5: Measurement
Goals should be calibrated. Focus your brand awareness on lead generation. Feature social icon bars. The more people follow and share indicates that you are doing the right thing. If possible, become an influencer to get recognized what you do best.

Social media is no longer an option. It is a highly charged atmosphere where persistent engagement is essential. If you get the mix right, your target audience will react and join the conversion. Ultimately, you will have reinforced your brand awareness and drive sales.

Article Title: Why The Fundamentals Are Keys To Social Media Engagement
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Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at RedHerring, a digital communications agency under the WCW Group brand.

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