12 Reasons Why MBA Admissions Is More Than Retail Therapy

“And she’s buying a stairway to heaven…”

Applying to business school is a major decision. MBA Admissions is not just about buying a stairway to heaven nor is it this seasons IT bag. It is an exercise and commitment to career development. To make the grade to step up your career is an intense exercise in personal branding, obtaining strong GMAT scores, getting great recommendations, and the ability to sell your achievements. Add a healthy dose of strategic marketing and you can get accepted just about anywhere.

Here are 12 key career counseling tips to get you started:

Tip No.1: Get A Strategy
MBA Admissions requires an actionable career management and application strategy. Career planning is your first step. Target and evaluate the business schools to which you would like to apply. Visit the institutions when possible. Discuss your objectives with alumni. Make a check list to see that your career aspirations and qualifications match the MBA Admissions criteria.

Tip No.2: MBA Admissions is not a cake walk. It is a snake pit. It is advisable to get professional help from someone who can give you the tools to succeed. Getting To Yes should be your career call to action. Tackle the challenges with a sound methodology.

Tip No.3: Exploit Your Personal Brand
Start by building a personal SWOT analysis. This is a cornerstone to personal branding. There is a universal principle at play here: MBA Admissions results are created twice. First, the result is created in your mind. Then, it is generated through systematic work. As in all career management initiatives, persistence pays dividends.


Tip No.4: Success starts with commitment. You must give the MBA Admissions process 100% commitment. Do not worry about who else is applying. You can only sell your own achievements. At the end of the day, it comes down to fostering a positive attitude.

Tip No.5: Make the right choice. The leading business schools recruit from a global elite. Hence, the MBA Admissions Committees are spoiled for choice. Make sure that you apply to those business schools best suited to your professional goals. Forget the business school rankings. They are no more than a glorified beauty contest. Any top MBA will deliver an outstanding education.

Tip No.6: Do not apply just to the usual suspects. Consider other programs. Most candidates apply to a minimum of four programs. There is no magical number.

Tip No.7: Examine Business School Attributes
Examine the language a school uses to “sell” its attributes. Harvard Business School is a case and point: “We encourage candidates who can benefit from — and contribute to — a transformative education in which students challenge and learn from each other as they test their growing leadership abilities.

To create a dynamic environment that mirrors the breadth and depth of our world economy, we seek diversity. Each fall, we welcome 900 students representing more than seventy countries and a wide range of interests and backgrounds. While our students’ lives and experiences vary greatly, they all share a demonstrated capacity for leadership and a desire to effect positive change. For the right person, now is the right time to apply.”

Tip No.8: Notice the stress on leadership. Most MBA candidates simply do not have this focus. If you do, make sure that you can justify genuine leadership roles. MBA Admissions Committees know that the emergence of an individual’s leadership talent does not follow a pre-determined schedule.

Tip No.9: Take Note: age, social, gender, ethnic profiling matter
All schools look for diversity. According to this logic, the more different you are, the better your candidacy looks on paper. Although there are no official quotas, political correctness plays a role in the admissions process.

Top MBAs are constantly recalibrating age profiles for class intakes. Some schools desire +3 years of work experience. Others do not. Which program are you better suited to: MBA or EMBA? Traditionally, MBA programs recruited candidates 25-28 years old. Today, the age has dropped. If you are +30, does this matter to you? If it does, perhaps European MBAs are a better fit. EMBA candidates are typically +35.

Tip No. 10: The Financials Influence Choice
Another key point: Carefully review the MBA Admissions and Financial Aid sections before you apply. Begin with their Admission Criteria pages. Take advantage of any MBA Admissions events in your area and network with alumni.

“When getting accepted to a top MBA makes you sprezzy…”

Tip No.11: Which MBA is best for me
Choosing the appropriate school is like a marriage. I recommend the following schools for serious consideration. They are not listed in any particular order. Please note that European MBA programs are more transparent when it comes to counseling potential MBAs.

They also recruit more mature and seasoned candidates. If you have deep experience, you will find these programs better value for money. They provide excellent networks. If you plan to live and work in Europe, they can serve your career aspirations with more intimacy.

Tip No.12: European v. American MBAs
In our opinion, the leading programs are: INSEAD, London Business School, IMD, IE Business School, IESE Business School, HEC-Paris, Said Business School at Oxford, and Judge School of Business at Cambridge. Are there others? You bet there are! As George Orwell might have stated, “Some MBAs are more equal than others”. My only counsel is to choose wisely. It is not necessary to go to the USA as it once was.

In addition, please note that there are outstanding MBA programs all over the world. It depends on you, what you really want, and how much this degree really is worth to you. An MBA is a major investment in time, money, and sweat equity.

In the USA, American business schools market their programs like tupperwear parties. The usual suspects in this category are for the most part household names. Depending on the source, ranking criteria bring up similar names but not necessary in the same order.

The MBA top 10 wish list include: Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton Business School, Columbia Business School, Tuck at Dartmouth, Yale School of Management, Stern at NYU, Anderson at UCLA, Haas at UC-Berkely, University of Chicago-Booth, and Kellogg at Northwestern. Are there others?

Of course there are. MIT-Sloan comes immediately to mind. US News publishes a comprehensive catalog worth consulting. In the States, there are literally thousands of schools from which to choose. Americans do not choose their MBAs with the same criteria as non-American MBA applicants.

Although top MBAs are more international in their outlook, many others are still very provincial. If you are not an American and you want to do an MBA in the States, think the process carefully through. For example, do you really want to be in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Ross might offer an excellent education, but if you are from a cosmopolitan city, you might find yourself out of place. We had one client the other year, who did and regretted her choice. Don’t make the same mistake.

An MBA has the potential to dramatically alter the course of your career. Despite criticism in the media on MBAs, this form of education has the power to act as a career catalyst. Although an MBA is not for everyone, it can be a transformational experience if properly exploited. To give yourself the best chance to get accepted, your application merits feedback from an objective and knowledgeable source.

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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand, building one success story at a time.

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5 Ways To Make Yourself Irresistible

“Because you love magic carpet rides…”

The challenge of making oneself irresistible reminds me of a sage I know who taught her students the art of irresistibility using unorthodox methodologies. She understood that from time to time that her students had lost the plot. So one bright morning when her disciples were all bright and bushy tailed, she took down a manilla box, which sat on a bookcase.

Students being students wondered what in the name of Rumpelstiltskin was going on. From out of the box she pulled a bright and dazzling stone the size of a goose egg. Eyeing the crowd she chose one among the lot to come forth and spoke.

“Because it’s your smile, which makes you irresistible…”

Go to the marketplace just across the street. Query all the dealers on how much they will be willing to pay for this rock if we decide to sell. Write down every offer. On no account should you sell the stone. When you are finished with your investigation, return and we will evaluate the data you have culled together.

The student humbly nodded, took his field notes and a pen, heading to the door.

Remember, on no account are you to part with that stone“, called out the teacher.

Now this student was a smart and studious hombre. He carefully shoveled his merchandise into his pocket. He was delighted to be entrusted with such an important mission. Only he couldn’t figure out what the point of the exercise really was.

His first port of call on a rather long list was a potato dealer, who sat just at the entrance to the vegetable market. The dealer took one glance at the item and said, “I’ll give you two kilos of rattes.”

Now as everyone knows, the ratte is a potato and a member of the solanum tuberosum family and widely cultivated for its edible tubers. This starchy oval tuber has a brown, red, or purple skin. It is cooked and eaten in multiple ways. Some folks love’em best thinly sliced and fried crispy to accompany a scotch ‘n soda.

As I was saying, the boy dutifully scribbled down the merchant’s generous offer in his notebook. Next on his list was a sheep herder known for the quality of his merino wool. As he approached, the wizened merchant scratched his chin quizzically, and retorted, “I can let you have a flock of 20 sheep tomorrow morning when I bring them down from the hills.” Once again the boy jotted down the relevant information.

This continued for a couple of hours. He must have visited just about everybody. There was only one more visit to be paid. It was considered the finest jewelry shop in town and run by an Italian gentleman from Naples. Once he was buzzed into the premises and stated his business, he was offered an espresso. A specialist came over. He greeted the boy, and they sat down together.

Now show me my lad, the item in question.” So the student complied. The jeweler took his time, measuring the carats, the size, texture and clarity of the stone before responding. “I’ve never seen a diamond like this in all my life. It is gold like the sun and absolutely flawless. I can offer the owner $5m and arrange the necessities of the transaction.

The boy nodded his head. Upon returning to the teacher at the appointed hour, he noticed that it was snack time. Everyone was seated in a circle. The student approached the sage, gave back the stone, and surrendered his notebook. The teacher went through the data, smiled and shared his analytical findings with the class.

So what can you conclude?“, asked the soft but irresistible voice.

“There’s no point in pulling your hair out…”

One wise guy in the crowd, puffed up his chest and said, “That everything in the market can be bought or sold.” There was disagreement in the ranks, but at the end of a healthy discussion, the students felt stymied, and so the teacher broke in.

Understanding this diamond is not about price. It concerns the principle of self-worth and stands as a symbol of the human heart. You can sell your skills and abilities for a farthing or you can rangle millions like a CEO. However, self-worth does not carry a price tag because you are priceless. Valuing your true nature is never a question of social connections, physical beauty, or job titles. Why seek to validate your authenticity, when you are already the diamonds that you seek.

The Take Away
Do not confuse net worth with self-worth. At some time in our life, we have fallen victim to this one. The temptation to buy clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics become overwhelming. Why? Because we all seek to appear irresistible like celebrities. Why are we so enamored? Because we have conned ourselves into thinking our lives are ordinary and unexciting. We support this false assumption with a little shopping therapy hoping to buy our stairway to heaven. Clearly, this is not the best way forward.

Your sense of self-worth comes from within
Being irresistible means embodying the traits, which radiate positive energy. Start by respecting yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, you clearly won’t respect anyone else. John Lennon once quipped, “Love is the answer, but you know that for sure.”

Identify what makes you tick
Motivation is key because not all people are motivated the same way. Some are motivated by power, others by money. Make altruism your key motivator. From this position, you can steer your path on a road to equilibrium. The Buddha was no dummy when he shared the wealth of understanding he gained under a fig tree.

“When the prophets write on city walls…”

If it’s rock star status that motivates you, fine. Just recognize what Voltaire once warbled to one swell at a cocktail-networking session: “The cemetery is full of Very Important People.” Adjusting your behavior to accommodate people according to your environment is one thing. Denying your authenticity is another.

A better path to networking
Connect with the people with whom you are speaking at a gut level. I don’t suggest quizzing them on Jean-Paul Sartre’s book, Being & Nothingness. Connect with them where it counts. Bill Clinton understands this better than most people. The power of empathy is contagious. Forget trying to be liked. This is not a formula. It’s about radiating the nature of goodness in all things. When you do so, people will look to share your company.

To make this work
Try putting down your iPhone. Focus on the people you’re with. Show interest. Give them the space to speak. When you are comfortable with your Self, you will no longer feel the need to constantly sing your own music. By drawing people out, you put them in their comfort zone and you will have a meaningful engagement. Best of all, you will become irresistible because you will no longer need to try to be irresistible.

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Article Title: 5 Ways To Make Yourself Irresistible
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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9 Ways To Become More Influential

“La Vache…”

Want to become more influential? Of course you do because making a difference matters. An often debated question. Perhaps your journey should begin with a quick examination of this statement: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”.

In a single stroke, the Zen master, Shunryu Suzuki cuts through the dross of professional and spiritual materialism. The enigmatic space from which these words emerge show without showing the true meaning of becoming more influential. It is true that you do not need to be a Zen master to be an influential person. However, like in most things, influential people have a profound impact on everyone they encounter. They do so because they are not seeking to persuade or cajole. Their true legacy is achieved because they use their power to alter themselves first.

“Isn’t it better to cultivate the flowers in your heart…”

Highly influential, John Lennon stated, “You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world…” For people like John, changing the world is child’s play. The rest of us are mesmerized by his ingenuity, creativity, and genius. What we don’t see is the complexity, the emotions off stage, the drive to push forward and the need to instigate positive change.

Ever wonder what pushes certain people to achieve things unimaginable to the majority? In my humble view, it is love, which is the axel grease of an influencer. There must be a deep current of joy and being. If there is not, the influencer can implode when they discover they are also ordinary beyond the power of their talents. Another striking marker of influential people is their total absorption. They remain true to themselves by staying focused.

Here are some tips on how you too can become more influential:

Be True
It is not as hard to be an influencer as you think. You do not need to sit in a lotus position every evening before retiring and sleep. However, it is hard to keep our mind pure and to practice the path of well-being in a state goodness.

Great influencers don’t follow blind trends
Do not denounce others when they are filled with negative emotions. Hatred should never be in your bag of tricks. Recrimination and scapegoating wouldn’t even enter an influencer’s mind because their hearts are pure. They understand the principles of karma, are unafraid of making a mistake, and readily change their approach to problem solving when the facts support a mental shift.

“Are you always on the same line as everyone else…”

Embodying The Power Of Grace
Grace is a power which is always present. However, we must call on this power and make it manifest. When we do so, we can leverage the moment and go outside rituals and routines, which embody the status quo. Influencers understand nothing can stay the same. Everything is bound to change such as the weather, our bodies, our societies, and even our universe. Influencers tap the eternal dream machine in every human heart. Think the Wright brothers or Steve Jobs. They were told by naysayers that their dreams weren’t feasible. So, they laughed with their inner being and went ahead and changed our world anyway.

It is so easy to be conventional
But how boring! We were not put on this planet just to consume food and leave our debris for others to clean up. We were placed here for a purpose. Unless you discover your real purpose, you won’t be capable of influencing anybody including your self.

Great Thoughts Inspire Conversation
When great minds speak out, it’s not just a ripple in a pond. It’s a call to action so we can implement change and make our lives intrinsically better. Take this small chestnut from Epicurus: “One must practice the things, which produce happiness, since if that is present we have everything and if it is absent we do everything in order to have it“.

Applied to a professional environment, the head Koi of any organization owes it to his or her team to give people the power to explore new ideas and to think and act differently. It is hard for corporate cultures to embrace this concept. The problem here is that the gray suit mindset seeks to codify, stifle, and embrace the platitudes of routine by chanting a mantra of profitability at any price.

A great mind would never advocate such an approach. Such leadership seeks to stimulate another path among his or her workforce. They would encourage us to devote our time and energies to work for fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

The Power Of Networking
Clearly, influential people understand the power of networking and making connections. The dilemma is, how well can you build authentic relationships? Nobody wants to feel used. So giving and sharing must hold no strings. It must be reciprocal. Relationship building of this sort is more than a connection. You are fostering a community where the members share their professionalism and friendship.

Welcome Disagreement
Influential leaders welcome diverse points of view. They do not scream nor do they throw donuts. They recognize their own humility. Cultivating divergent viewpoints is healthy in any debate or discussion. New ideas are stimulated in this environment. Sharing ideas inevitably generates the best solutions. So why be selfish? Who cares at the end of the day if the original idea is yours or someone else’s as long as it’s the best way forward for the team as a whole.

Avoid Ignorance
Be Proactive. Our tragedy is that we all scream out, “I am proactive, I am proactive“. Why? Because we have been taught to do so for fear of being weak in the eyes of others. We’re even willing to risk it all because we think it is essential to our well-being.

If this is your attitude, check out what the Tibetan master, Chogyam Trungpa says: “When we talk of ignorance, it has nothing to do with stupidity. In a way, ignorance is very intelligent, but it is an intelligence that works exclusively in one direction. That is, we react exclusively to our own projections instead of simply seeing what is there“.

The wise guys and gals among us don’t fall into this snake pit. They actively seek out new approaches to enhancing our future by living in the present. If you can identify the next big thing, what are you wanting for?

Expect The Best
Influencers expect the best. They believe in their own power, but also believe in the power of others to shape the conversation. Because they are not selfish nor self centered, they reach out, mentor and inspire others. They truly believe that we have the power to change the world for the better.

Every person you admire and respect, had similar feelings as you do. The only difference is that they believed that challenges could be overcome and that a force of well-being could be tapped at will and embolden others. You see, at the end of the day, they didn’t try to become an influencer. They didn’t need to. They just tried to be all they could be and shared their inner wealth. By doing so, they gave us the power to dream and manifest our own destiny.

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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Why Happiness Matters Most

“Every man wants to be happy, but in order to be so he needs first to understand what happiness is.” – J.J. Rousseau

Do you come across as listless and depressed? If so, the reason is clear. Each one of us is in search of happiness, one of the most misunderstood concepts in any language. To some, happiness is an emotional state linked to an external event, environment, achievement or gain. This is our first cardinal mistake. Happiness is not waiting for you in the window of Cartier. It is a state of being, which must be judiciously and painstakingly cultivated.

Henri Bergson once wrote, “Happiness is commonly used to designate something intricate and ambiguous, one of those ideas which humanity has intentionally left vague, so that each individual might interpret it in his own way.

“Because you’re spoiled for choice…”

Understanding Bergson, Rousseau, and countless others can make your head spin. People become disillusioned, feel devalued, and better still become cynical and cantankerous. We feel a weez bin had attitude. The reasoning here is that in the West we’ve systematically bought into a consumerist mindset of artificial happiness. It’s not that we shouldn’t enjoy a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem with Twinkies if we desire. You should however, be aware that these little pleasures are just fleeting sensations. Better still, such experiences should egg us on to find the source of pure happiness so that we can live every day as if it is the best day of our lives.

A Way Of Being
I remember, one morning I decided to jump on the first train from the Gare Saint Lazare to Trouville. The sun was bright and I was glad to be out of town. The summer light dappled the fields of Normandy and I could feel the cool water between my toes as the tide came in.

Next to me on the train sat another fellow headed to the beach as well. We fell into conversation as people will when they’re not glued to smart phones and began to chat. I listened to him complain about the heat, the traffic in Paris, and his work situation. He was sounding like one of T.S. Eliot’s hollow men. Although I tried to cheer him up a bit, I recognized, he was chasing something the material world couldn’t bestow on him like a prize at a summer fair.

“Because sharing the wealth is joy…”

If he only realized the toxic and self harming nature of his negative emotions, he could have got off the roll coaster of self pity, denial, anger, and even envy. Do you also find that when the monsoons come, you’re ready to chuck in the towel?

Write Your Own Book Of Changes
Changing the way we see the world is not changing your prescription any more than it means buying that fabulous pair of sunglasses by Moscot you saw at Colette. When we are slaves to dissatisfaction we need medicine to break our addiction. The search for true happiness demands we find an alternative approach to shifting between states of joy and self loathing. When we experience the pleasure and awareness of calm in a storm, then we better appreciate what some pundits call the alignment principle. The best alignment I know is through meditation.

Meditation Is The Royal Road
Some people think that meditation is a form of vegetation. Others feel the techniques will change their fundamental beliefs. How do you feel? Are you happy and content with your lot in life? I rest my case.

We all need meditation, whether we are walking, sitting, eating, or working. It is a question of shifting our consciousness and this is where awareness is paramount to alignment. I have one friend who was so desperate, he went to see a guru, I won’t name here, hoping that the guru would wave a magic wand over his head and he would be dancing from joy as if he had spent two weeks hanging loose with Bob Marley. He left the ashram high as a kite after spending a long weekend. You know what happened next?

When he returned to his reality of stone grinding in Paris, his mood swung completely into reverse and was depressed as a cat deprived of fresh fish. He was experiencing what the Tibetan sage, Choygam Trungpa described as spiritual materialism.

So What To Do
Mood swings are common when you imbibe grace. Therefore, you need an action plan to make the goodness in your heart expand. This is what the groundwork of meditation really accomplishes. However, it is a process where you purge all your mental toxins, hatred, and obsessions. It is rough going and it does not happen over night. What it does do is put things in perspective, reduces the gap between appearances and reality and will deliver to you a sense of calm.

The Nature Of All Things
The Buddha understood these challenges better than most folk. He saw suffering for what it is, a fact of life, which is part of what makes up the human experience. He also understood the meaning of reality. His idea is so simple, but the rivers run deep. “Reality“, he said, “is the one thing which never changes. If it changes, then it is unreal.

So what is the one thing in your life that never changes? Your true Self. It is the nature of all things like a stream flowing into an ocean. Relinquish your narrow sense of identity and pettiness and you will discover something you can never find, never buy, and never own. Why? Because you are already what you seek. You are indeed pure bliss. To get there, it is like peeling the layers of an onion. However, once you use the knife of meditation to get through the dross, you will be in a state of joy no matter what you external challenges and environment might be.

“Because you love hanging out…”

The Chinese sage, Fu Hsi never ran a Fortune 500 company nor did he launch a start-up which went gold in an IPO. He could have done this in his sleep. What he chose to do instead was to share the great truths with a weary world looking for answers to some powerful questions. His check-list is perfect for developing mindfulness.

Here are his 15 keys to live in a state happiness.” As a DJ once sang, it’s pure yin and yang.

1) Balance & imbalance. If you could satisfy all your whims on command, then perhaps the goblins of delusion would collapse. This is just a small taste on how we delude our aspirations from what we need to what we want.

2) Income & expenditures. Everybody is on a budget. I know, some budgets are bigger than others. Want to hear a secret: The great sage Yogananda told a dear disciple to “stop asking God for a Cadillac“. You know why? “What are you going to do if he grants your wish?” Car ownership is more than possession. Wait till you add on the taxes, insurance, maintenance fees, and parking. And that’s just for starters…”

3) Simplicity & pretentiousness. In the USA, everybody dreams of home ownership. Rightly so. Everyone needs a castle to call one’s home. But why buy a McMansion so large that you need a GPS to find the toilette? Good question.

4) Compromise & steadfastness. Compromise demonstrates to others that you understand what it means to live in society. Even the President must compromise to get things done. Why should you be any different? However, there are times when it is necessary to be steadfast. Stand on the ground you value most.

5) Loftiness and baseness. Some politicians and business people are so crass and base that you wonder what is going through their heads. Is self aggrandizement that important? Whose ends are you really serving? I could easily put in a couple of names here, but if you watch the news, there are plenty to choose from.

Loftiness means doing the right thing at the right time. it feels so natural. You understand that when you give of yourself not only do others benefit, you feel the pleasure of doing something you can be proud of. Better still, you wouldn’t even think of being proud because you remember that great quotation: Pride before fall.

6) Leaders & followers. Everyone follows something or someone. Why is that so? Because we live in a world of other people and ideas. You can be different. You can march to the beat of your own drummer, but it is a guarantee that someone has walked in these footsteps before.

When you can grasp the opportunity to build, create, develop, or fight for something worth fighting for, now is the time and step up to leadership. The funny thing with leadership is that there is nobody to lead if nobody will follow. Quite an interesting relationship, don’t you think? Food for thought.

7) The spiritual and the physical. Since we live a material world, you had better take care of your physical form. Nobody else will. Buying time out is not an option. Drugs and alcohol seems to release us from preconceived ideas of time. However, they are a fools release. Ultimately, they make us forget what can make us truly happy. Do you really want to be dislocated 24/7?

The spiritual world can offer us deep sustenance. However, like in all things, remember you are still in the body. Fly too high and you will burn up in the sky of well-intended intentions. Just ask Daedalus. He can still teach us about what happens with noble intentions.

8) Success & failure. Tell me about someone who has never failed, and I’ll show you a person who has never tried. World culture is repeat with zillions of great failures. Besides being in great company, many of these setbacks resulted in some of the greatest success stories of all times. Think Nelson Mandela. He tried to free his brothers and sisters countless times until he was thrown in a jail cell for good. His crime? Fighting for the dignity and humanity of his people. The result? He went from being ordinary to one of the greatest extra-ordinary people who ever walked on this planet. How? he followed the teachings of Gandhi. Best of all, personal success meant nothing to him. You can’t get more noble than that.

9) Fame & obscurity. Today, it seems everyone wants to be famous. Fame is the ultimate shadow play. You think you have troubles now, wait till you’re famous. Do you really want to walk everywhere with handlers and bodyguards? I thought not. Nothing beats sitting down at a lunch counter in a great diner and hanging out with the locals. Why do you think presidential hopefuls spend so much time in Iowa and New Hampshire? It’s not just to win hearts and minds. It’s an attempt to try to be normal folk.

10) Rest and movement. This is one of the best because it invokes one of the principle laws of physics: For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Only sloths stay immobile most of their lives. It’s their DNA. But then sloths don’t pose questions concerning happiness and the meaning of life. They just live life as they see it. One moment at a time.

11) Meditation & activity. If the goal of life is a deep state of well-being, then it is essential for you to find your core of essential goodness. One Tibetan saying states: “Seeking happiness outside ourselves is like waiting for sunshine in a cave facing north.” Forget the sun lamp. Get outside and mingle. At the end of the day, just close your eyes and watch your breath. Don’t be surprised if you find the divinity of light deep within your own heart.

12) Good fortune and misfortune. Forget the alchemy of disbelief and give thanks for your good fortune. Everything you have is good. It’s a question of appreciation. Did you know that the manure of misfortune is a great teaching tool showing you the good fortune you indeed have? Look at it this way, this is where you should be now.

13) Eternity & transitory. Lao Tsu calmly claimed, “The farther one travels, the less one knows.” This dude knew his stuff. He wasn’t saying don’t go to Portofino on your holiday. He was saying that every moment is fleeting. Watch each second pass before your eyes without grasping. Just enjoy the ride. Now, sit back and relax. The rest is easy.

14) Joy & pleasure. I think you can conjure a list as easily as myself. Yes, eating ice-cream at Bertillon on the Isle Saint Louis is pure joy. But the ultimate pleasure is to swim with the divine one without even knowing you are swimming.

15) Beginnings & endings. Like every season, turn, turn, turn… Now that we have some fertile soil with which to work, isn’t it time to kick ignorance out the door and welcome happiness into your life?

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Article Title: Why Happiness Matters Most
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Make Your Destiny Awesome 1 Step At A Time

“When your heart is like a rainbow…”

Transforming your destiny starts with one step forward. The great buddhist sage, Thich Nhat Hanh describes this process as walking meditation. You don’t need to be a monk to practice. In fact, this strategy is perfect for those of us out and about in the world of business. Everyone is walking or should I say running somewhere. The key then to making your destiny awesome is mindfulness. It will enhance your awareness. It starts as an idea, ricochets in the mind, and finally migrates to the heart.

What I truly love about this practice is the simplicity. Walking meditation is therefore, a form of meditation in action. Walking becomes our focus and when we are centered our mind becomes still. We no longer worry about the laundry that needs to be done or that billion dollar merger awaiting your attention when you get to the office. Sure the merger matters, but you’re not at the office yet. Take this time to enjoy the sights on your journey to work. Notice the peeling bark of the plane trees in the heat or the balconies of tumbling geraniums.

Mindfulness is also a form of absorption. Our daily experience is filled with ample material to convert the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. In each second, you are altering your awareness from mundane into awesome.

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread…

Take for example my recent encounter at a Paname landmark. I was taking my espresso at the counter at Cafe Nemours and I just watched myself drink the coffee. There was a stillness in this ritualistic routine. However, today it brought clarity, while the early morning light blazed through the glass walls. I found this experience glorious. I was conscious of my breath and the energy surging through my limbs. There was nothing mechanical and I was awake in each second.

The more you practice this type of meditation, the more profound your life becomes. Start by trying to keep your awareness involved with the moment you are actually having.

What I also appreciate about walking meditation is that it offers you concrete proof that obstacles, no matter how challenging, can be overcome. You don’t need to be born rich and famous. Humble people from simple backgrounds do get to play in the big time. Isn’t this why we continue to love Oprah or Snoopy Dog? They stand out as a testament to how you can make your destiny awesome one step at a time.

Here are 8 Simple Steps To Making Your Life Awesome one step at a time:

Step 1: Start by changing your attitude. Providing this is feasible, why not walk to work this morning? Smell the proverbial roses. Each one of us has so much to be grateful for. A magician cannot do this for us. Walking meditation is the perfect path to success. It puts us in direct touch with our feelings giving us the tools to blossom in the environment in which we our planted.

“Because you’re inner dhuni is always lit…”

Step 2: Identify what is most important to you. Stop comparing yourself to others. This is a issue which can never be resolved. We have all done this if we are honest with ourselves. Trying to figure out why someone is more beautiful, smarter, or successful is a pointless and meaningless task. Look at what you have. Look at what makes you special. When you do so, you will gain appreciation for yourself and start to relish what makes you unique. With each step you take, you will rediscover your smile. You will also recognize what is really important as opposed to what you think is important.

Step 3: Start Your Day With A Smile. I’m not trying to get up close and personal. I’m just trying to let a little light shine into your self imposed cubicle. Do you start each day by checking your email or do you start each day by hugging your partner and children? I rest my case. I have one colleague who goes around wearing a button. It boldly states: Free hugs. Isn’t that fabulous!

What she is saying is embrace the world and each day is sweet. Positive thinking of this sort is the perfect elixir to begin each morning. And yes, a double espresso doesn’t hurt either. This is the true meaning of quality time. Check your email and social accounts afterwards. Stay productive. Be focused. Do what you do best, but not before you give thanks for the blessings life has generously granted you.

Step 4: Eliminate The Suit Mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great handmade Italian suit. This is not what I am talking about. Drop the busywork. Voltaire once quipped that the cemetery is full of very important people. You understand. Prioritize. Delegate. Empower. No one can do everything by him or herself. Set yourself achievable milestones. You hold the reins of power in your hands to instigate change. This is why coordinated planning is essential.

Successful people understand this concept. This is why they appear to do more and be more. It takes a strong will to change your situation for the better. However, you have the power. It’s called resilience and determination. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Step 5: What needs to be done. As in all things, it is impossible to love every task we have to execute. Some we enjoy and others we prefer not to do. Look at those tasks which are essential to your success. Put aside your likes and dislikes. Success is not a Facebook page with a million thumbs up. It’s about identifying the things to do to get you where you want to be. This is focus with a capital “F”.

“Why worry? Enjoy a mojito instead…”

Step 6: Be Positive. A positive mindset is crucial to success and getting to awesome. Don’t let someone rob you of your dignity. Nobody can, unless you let them. Everyone has challenges to overcome or has to deal with negative personalities. If you don’t attach your integrity to the people who want to drag you down, no one can touch you. You are free.

This is not wishful thinking. It is a step in positive personal growth and development. Learn from your setbacks and you will become a wizard. The biggest mistake you can make is to give up and not bother to try.

Step 7: Look towards the horizon. All successful endeavors are focused on long term goals. Build yourself a road map. You cannot go somewhere without a plan. It doesn’t matter if you change directions as long as you get there. Forget the minutia. Life is filled with minutia. Some you must do, such as taking out your garbage. Prioritize the rest. Harness a technique familiar to yogis. It’s called visualization. Identify in your mind exactly what you seek, and make it manifest.

For example, you might want to give up smoking. For those who smoke this can be easier said than done despite the social pressure. Just tell yourself, I’ll have one, but not right now. If you keep this up without the idea of denial, your goal is within sight. I know all too well that this is a psychological and physical dependency. All the more reason to harness the power of mind to block out this habit.

One master I know in India states, “Awesome begins in the mind. Visualize the end result. Then let go of possession. Just act as if the result is already achieved. By doing so, you will create in reality what you have pictured.” Powerful words to contemplate.

Step 8: Value Your Self. If you don’t value your Self, nobody else will. Therefore, eat consciously and drink with moderation. If you poison yourself, you won’t be around to enjoy the fruit you hope to harvest. Enjoy your journey to success because part of the pleasure is becoming what you seek. Who knows, once you change yourself, you can start on changing the world. You see, when this becomes your reality, you will have become your own leprechaun.

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Article Title: Make Your Destiny Awesome 1 Step At A Time
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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What Makes Successful People Successful

“Because you want to know what makes successful people successful…”

What makes successful people successful? Just look at the stats. Successful people come from diverse backgrounds, love sushi, a good wager, and are unafraid of standing out in a crowd. However, you would be hard pressed to know considering they’re dressed like everyone else.

Don’t be fooled by the Deus Ex Machina T-shirts. In my world, success is there for everyone. However, you must generate this perception by altering your definition of successful. Believe in goodness and you can change your corner of the world. Current events can lead us into a cul de sac, but you understand that life is a metaphor. Learn to write your own music. In a world of too much information or disinformation, start by straining all you hear and broadcast the goodness that keeps this planet on track.

Here are 12 qualities that can make you successful. Isn’t it time to change your inner calculus?

“When you’re trying to figure everything out…”

They Leave Politics To The Wannabes
Successful people can’t stand playing politics. They couldn’t care a tinkers curse for brown nosing nor do they care about being right all time. Their focus is on accomplishment. Forget the dialectics of hostility. Master the language of joy instead. Where one flower is planted others can grow and prosper. Even in the desert, beauty can survive. Cling to the language of your divine spirit. Forget the absolutes proselytized by the ignorant.

They Love Helping Others Succeed
Small people feel diminished by the success of others. Great people give hugs all round for a job well done. Create a better working environment. Inclusiveness feels so much better. After all, nobody succeeds by themselves. The idea of competition is to raise one’s own game not pummel every else into the tarmac. When everyone is praised, everyone benefits.

They Love When Ideas Bear Fruit
Whether the idea is theirs or a colleagues, it gives them great pleasure to see new ideas blossom into a fruitful project with definitive results. Best of all, successful people like doing things nobody else has dared do before. They love the nuance of suggestion and realize anything is possible if you have a noble heart.

They Love Out Of The Box Solutions
We find successful people love big ideas. The greater the challenge, the greater the pleasure gained. Problem solving is cat’s meat. It gives them the inducement to simplify worn out and tired ways of constantly repeating the same pattern of performing. You don’t need all the answers. Assimilate, conjugate, and go forward. Every act of accomplishment starts with an idea in the mind. Only afterward does it appear as a foregone conclusion to those with less insight.

They Love Burning The Rule Book
Although successful people recognize rules are necessary to any endeavor, they are unafraid to walk the talk. Innovative ideas lead to developing rules no one knew before but now cannot live without. Think Ibrahim Malouf and your jazz music will stand out in a tempest. Inspire respect for simplicity. There’s nothing better than grilling your own octopus to put things in perspective. Just ask Socrates.

They Know Nothing Is Sacred
Successful leaders know there are no clay tablets. The great thing about working today is that you can try, adapt and change within seconds. They also recognize that conventional wisdom is just what it sounds like: conventional. Change is welcomed like a breathe of fresh air. The Buddha knew all there was to know about temptation, which is why he tuned his heart to all that is noble in the human character.

“Perhaps the only thing sacred is eating great ice cream…”

They Love Solving Problems
My Mom says, when you’re dead, you’ll have no more problems to solve. Mother’s know this sort of thing. Embrace your challenges and you become the master. No point sticking your head in the sand. Brutality has become so banal that certain people believe that we live in a video game. The greatest game you can play is called life. So what are you waiting for? Happiness is not a warm gun. Distinguish truth from fiction and become an inner mounting flame.

They Love Self Awareness
Successful people are only too aware that today’s success is tomorrow’s history. You’re only as good as the last results you’ve delivered. Successful people don’t mind because their sense of self awareness is tied to a place beyond superficial accolades. Believe in hope and share your gratitude for the nobility of all things. Remember, one candle can light thousands of lamps. I’ve seen this done in India. I felt so much joy, I cried for a week.

They Embrace Feedback
Successful people understand that to grow requires constant improvement. They are open to feedback from any source. You can learn from a tortoise as well as a leaf floating on a lily pond. Becoming all you can be requires letting go of your ego. Why carry more baggage? Travel light. The journey is long.

Taking input from others makes you aware of how much and exciting it is to learn new things and do things differently from the way you solve problems now. Your personal growth expands and at the end of the day you still feel life is exciting. Successful people never become blasé.

“Because you love messin’ about in boats…”

They understand the principles of personal brand management
Successful people know we can make mistakes. Mistakes come with the territory. What they won’t do is to become their worst enemy. Why beat up on yourself? Quite pointless don’t you think? Go with the flow and float like a butterfly.

They Believe In Self Control
Successful people understand the true meaning of self control. It’s not about denial or wearing a hair shirt. It’s about living a principled set of guidelines which put you touch with your inner self. Although this is a stretch experience, successful people recognize with each day they are that much nearer to mastering their own purpose in life. Routines and compulsiveness are for people who are afraid of being free. Let go of everything which holds you back.

They Understand That Life Is A Journey Not A Destination
Many people are always looking for closure. However, successful people know that when one thing is done another project or challenge will take its place. They don’t mind, but take this in stride. They understand that the true purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Trinkets and trash hold no allure. Their true pleasure is making a difference.

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Article Title: What Makes Successful People Successful
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Career Management For Your Eyes Only

“Because everyone needs a check list…”

When you’re bored, you’re ready for anything. You’ll even buy a stairway to heaven. Then someone drops a file on your desk. It’s tied up with a red ribbon and marked: Career Management For Your Eyes Only.

You can choose to ignore this file at your own risk. However, your heart is beating just a few pulses faster. You feel restlessness like electricity, and it can be contagious. Consequently, your fingers pull the red ribbon like worry beads at a Greek wedding. In your heart, you know it’s time to move on.

Now you are oblivious to the traffic outside your window. Your thoughts permeate the atmosphere. This is where a shift in perception becomes essential if career guidance is to become a proactive engagement. So you untie the next section of the dossier. It feels like a Bond film. And so you begin to flip through the contents and read.

Good Morning Mr. Bond. Imagine you are holding a beautiful Ming Dynasty jar in your hands. Caress the form and shape with your eyes. Notice the blue and white design of peonies. Admire the symmetry. Speculate who created this lovely object. Of course, you would love to meet the creator of this magnificent piece of bone china.

Trying to come to grips with its creator, lift the lid of the jar. Is there a message inside? No, it is empty. Actually Mr. Bond, the pot is filled with air. If the jar suddenly slips from your hands, it shatters on the floor. What happens to the air trapped inside?

It will merge into its surroundings. The lesson we should learn is that the form of the jar gave us the illusion that it was separate from its surroundings. The air represents our aspirations for career change.

You put the dossier down. You stand up and down a glass of Evian. Something has happened, but you are not sure what. Your mind is playing tricks again. There is a parallel that your physical form is similar to that Ming dynasty pot. You recognize that these circumstances are not so far fetched. After all, the human form is just a jar. It is however, more precious than anything crafted during the Ming dynasty.

A thin smile breaks out across your lips. You’re catching on. It wasn’t a Spector show at all. Now you get it. We need our bodies to perform many types of actions. In theory, the mind is a great deceiver. It cons us to believe that we are in control.

And then you remember that accident when you jumped out of that airplane and fractured your foot. You could’t walk for the next 3 months. Control was no longer in your hands. What you previously took for granted became an issue.

“OMG! I left the rice cooker on…”

Normally, you never gave your feet a second thought. They did their job, which is to take the body from place to place. Through the body we experience pleasure and pain. It also goads us to take action. However, when you go to sleep, what happens to your body?

Can you take the body with you as you glide into a state of sleep? Of course, you don’t. It remains nicely tucked up under the blankets. You retrieve your body in the morning when you open your eyes. Now, you are ready to tackle the day’s activities. Recognizing your responsibilities, you head for the espresso machine. For the moment, your compassion for your self is unconscious. To sustain your activities, it must be conscious.

What disintegrates minute-by-minute can not be undone. Focus on what is constant. Listen to the sound of your breath and see it like the ocean tide. Identify all that can change as impermanent and let go. A plan of action is clearly indicated.

Now Repeat To Yourself
I forgive my self. I love my Self. I am happy and complete. If you engage and convince your mind that this is your real state of being, you will enhance your creative thinking, leadership & managerial capabilities. It is so simple, but you must take the time to do so. By re-booting your inner hard drive, you update your software for maximum contentment in both business and pleasure.

About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Interview Prep Is More Than High Stakes Poker

“Because you’re waiting for the sun…”

Standing up to an interview can feel like the Spanish Inquisition. So how do you proceed? By understanding human psychology. Learn how to drive the interview. In any interview scenario, focus your strategy on selling the product. Scupper the idea of getting up close and personal.

Most people get stressed out of their heads by the interview. Simply put, nobody wants to feel that they are standing up to a police grilling. Some of the questions are classics and others are positioned to psyche you out such as Tell me about your favorite lost weekend and why?

Start by by analyzing the interview process. When the interview is broken down into components, it will no longer feel like torture. It will feel like high stakes poker. Swallowing a cocktail of Rescue and Grey Goose on ice won’t give you courage. Solid coaching and practice will.

Let’s start by deconstructing the interview inquisition. First, there are no thumbscrews. It is a battle of wits and chemistry. You might be a rhetorician like Seneca, but if there is no sale, you loose. Keep your objective in mind. Examine your motives. Play the interview as a game. Your success lies in the details. However, do not drown the interviewer with unnecessary minutia. Lay out clear points. Imagine you work at Cartier showcasing prospective clients precious stones.

To hit your target, know the parameters, i.e. the added value you can deliver. Vary your message delivery. This sends a clear signal to the interviewer that you understand the game and its arcane rules of selection. There are volumes written on strategic interviewing. Familiarize yourself with some techniques. Research the position you are seeking. Know the title and the job function. Match your experience to the firm’s wish list.

“Remember, first impressions count…”

Last week, we had a client who was interviewing with a major player in cosmetics. He already anticipated one of the key questions: Why would a guy want to work in cosmetics? The position in merchandising was to promote a woman’s beauty products.

This question is challenging and makes several assumptions. First, can a man really know about beauty creams? In fairness to his quick study prior to the interview, he understood his handicap. He also had to prove why he was the best person the firm could select for this posting. The interviewer’s intention would be to get him flustered.

Providing he was tops, he stood a chance. However, what happens when the interviewer has made up his or her mind before the interview. No one can “win” in a scenario where the result is predetermined. This is why we always counsel clients: address your worst fear, then go forward with confidence.

“Sure, I’ll take the job…”

Interviewing well demands intense prep. It means practice. It implies finding your stride under pressure. Another “faux pas” is first impressions. Presentation is not superficial. Body piercings may be all the rage in the hood but not at an interview. Life is a game. Do not focus on the consequences. Relax. Master your brief and leave the outcome to the Big Boss. If you do so, you will get the results you seek.

May the force be with you.

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Article Title:Interview Prep Is More Than High Stakes Poker
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Career Change: It’s OK To Get Emotional

“The right attitude is beyond holiday planning…”

The first thing you should know about career change: It’s OK to get emotional. This does not imply running through the streets shouting, “Godzilla…Godzilla…Godzilla”. Work hard and play hard. If you don’t enjoy your life as it happens nobody else will.

Career Management Rule No.2
The second thing you should know about career management: Forget job security. Live in the present, but plan for the future. As Eckhart Tolle has relentlessly stated, “The only time you have is now.” Too many people wish their lives away dreaming for something that will never take place. Be fastidious in your pursuit of career change.

Don’t worry about vulnerability. Think of it as a badge of honor for. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. It is an excellent yardstick to live by. Don’t be like some people I know who treat staff like expendable fodder. Acting in this way demonstrates a lack of leadership and moral courage. If you find yourself in a firm with a “France Telecom” mentality, look to foster your career elsewhere. In a globalized world order, career security is dead in the water. Act like an entrepreneur constantly seeking new opportunities to exploit.

“Because you only live twice…”

To better manage your career, you need a firm grasp of the reins. Planning change in your professional evolution is fundamental. Real security is having the power to manage your own career. If you do not manage your own career development, nobody else will.

Take for example, the normally self-confident investment bankers. Even they have their soft spots in their track records and must plan for change. One year you can receive a fabulous bonus, and the next year find yourself looking for Godot. To foster career evolution, experts counsel close stewardship of your personal brand. List your goals. What would you like to do that you haven’t done before? Is further education necessary? Do you want a certificate or a degree program?

Prioritize your list. Then choose.

Career Management Rule No.3
Career management can sometimes seem overwhelming. You think of nothing else. Do remember that you are not your life’s situation. This is something we often loose track of. Career Management rule No.3 is “Don’t fail to enjoy your family and friends”. They won’t live forever and neither will you. Do you want to remembered for being the only one who can recall the sales stats for rhubarb crumble sales in Schleswig-Holstein or for changing the world?

Career Management Rule No.4
Don’t forget to smile. Take your search seriously, but don’t loose your sense of humor. Humor is soooooo important because laughter gives us a positive vibe. You don’t always want to be reaching for the Ayahusca.

We have found that a gentle hand with structured professionalism should do the trick when you seek professional counsel. Life coaches and professional advisors do not dictate; they are there to help you clear the detritus from your mind with positive thinking and an actionable strategic plan. Add a proper espresso made with Hawaiian Kona and you are well on your way to overcoming any hurdle.

cover_career management
“Just think, you won’t have to go undercover…”

Recently, we had a client, who for argument’s sake, I’ll call Captain Barbosa. He was not his usual self. The sparkle was no longer in his eyes. There was lassitude and forlornness. Dropping into his counseling session, I observed what he needed first was first a sympathetic ear. Conversation began with his upcoming week holiday to the island of Ibiza. Immediately, his mood changed. Who wouldn’t want a little R&R off the coast of Barcelona! The water is turquoise and the tourist invasions are far off.

From his condition of vulnerability, we were able to get him back on track. Establishing a game plan, we then addressed a list a business schools targets. most attraction for him on the basis of what he had done was Columbia Business School. Barbosa felt a bond with the culture of the school, the entrepreneurship program and loved New York City. Some people thrive in this environment and others cannot. It is silly to apply to a business school if you cannot acclimate to the culture of the school or the area in which the school is located.

Making The Right Choices
No matter which MBA you decide to apply for, everyone needs to be reassured that they are not making a mistake. Make sure that the right MBA application choices are made when you apply. This might be only a preliminary step but it is also in my view an essential one. The next step is also crucial. Find yourself dignified counsel. Please note that there is no one correct essay answer to any of the MBA application essays.

Community Service Activities Count
We had another client, who thought that her work for an NGO in Mauritania was irrelevant. How wrong she was. This experience enabled the MBA coach advising her to accent her leadership and team building skills outside of work to her advantage. It turned out that this NGO experience was her passion. Talk about a way for her to distinguish her file from other MBA candidates, this was perfect.

Everyone one of us has done something and is interested in a wide breath of activities. You owe it to yourself to learn how to leverage these experiences into finely tuned channeled messages. Another person once asked me where my confidence came from as if I had bought confidence at a store like a Louis Vuitton travel bag. MBA Coaching might seem like an luxury must have, but it is not an it bag.

Fostering Confidence
Confidence is innate to us all. However, to foster self-confidence you need to feel good about yourself. Do not chide yourself for things you have not done or mistakes you may have made. Everyone makes mistakes. Once you change your self-awareness about your self, a new vista will open and you will better perceive the opportunities, which lie before you. Imagine the impossible and make the possible happen. By shifting your awareness you can change your career. This is the type of career management that you not only need but also deserve. Aren’t you worth it?

Article Title: Career Management: It’s OK To Get Emotional
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About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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Why Your Career Should Be Like Driving A Ferrari

“When revving up to go…”

Career Management should be like driving a Ferrari. Why stay stuck in traffic? Get your heart and brain to work in harmony. Fly down the highway of professional life. Forget fighting your inner demons.

Take the case of Nasruddin for example. He is the consummate Formula 1 mechanic. To help his clients surmount the challenges of today’s business environment, he harnesses some rather unusual techniques to instigate career change. For instance, he escorts clients to an oasis in the desert. On the journey, he addresses the need for a strategic approach to personal brand management.

Once at the oasis, they refresh themselves. The client explains his dilemma. Nasruddin listens intently. He says nothing, but gets up and walks over to the well. He spends the next 15 minutes lowering a bucket on a rope into the shaft to retrieve water. His client is perplexed. This is not the type of career advice that someone expects.

“Sometimes with the best intentions, we can loose our marbles…”

Yet, Nasruddin persists. He literally stands at the well in the blazing light. He repeats this simple action of lowering and raising the water bucket. While doing so, he laughs like a hyena. At a certain point, intense frustration sets in and the client walks away. Even Nasruddin’s donkey begins to wonder. Perhaps, this career management specialist has been in the sun too long. Later at the caravanserai over a cup of mint tea, Nasruddin meets up with his client again. The time has come for smart talk. He begins by explaining why his donkey’s reaction makes him a genuine jackass.

Nasruddin was really addressing us, our anxieties, and insecurity. We are so used to hearing the usual recitation of what are the rules to succeed that we fail to consider alternatives. We are also trapped by our emotions and do not comprehend what it takes to tango with authenticity. The jackass is a metaphor for our minds trapped by unbridled emotions.

On closer observation, we learn that our overly calibrated intellects see the rope binds the bucket. What we fail to recognize is that our senses represent the bucket. The rope constrains our ability to act irrationally. Uncontrolled emotions generate action with negative consequences. Only when we let go, do issues get resolved concretely. When the music swings your are caught up in the rhythm without thought. Your mind is free to release its creativity on the dance floor.

“We all have to start some where…”

Remember, the Self is independent of possession and transgression. It recognizes that we cannot shape the conditions of the job market. Emotions however, rock our stature. We become possessed by our feelings. The end result is that we bob up and down on the river of fortune.

The water bucket does not determine its own movements. It is controlled by the rope of the mind. Similarly, the factors shaping career management are within our grasp. We must avoid ignorance, attachment, and grasping. Like waves at the seashore, we must go beyond the obvious. Learning to compete is the art of letting go. Find what you do best, and just be your self.

As the second round of mint tea is being poured, Nasruddin explains: “We are now positioned to transcend our self imposed limitations. Helping others, starts by first helping ourselves. Once we are on the way, we are positioned to extending our insights. This demonstrates true nobility of character.

As a great Tibetan sage once said, “The more we help others to ford the river of life, the more happiness we feel with our own being because we found a remarkable sense of purpose“.

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Article Title: Why Your Career Should Be Like Driving A Ferrari
Photographs: curated by ES

About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at CAREO, a career management consultancy under the WCW Group brand.

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How To Unlock Your Career Potential

“When you’re confident…”

Unlocking your career potential is more than fumbling for the keys in your pocket. Here is a small shortlist to help you get your career act together.

Rule 1: Negativity is your own worst nemesis not the sluggish job market. Forget the bad weather. Don’t worry that caviar is not on tonight’s menu.

Rule 2: Be diligent. That’s right, persistence counts. Do your homework and stop comparing yourself to others. Unlocking your true career potential should mean doing something you really love. You won’t find a new career brooding nor starring at your computer screen. Seek assistance and counsel. Real friends and family can be just the ticket to get you to laugh. Lighten up and you won’t feel the world is your burden to bear alone.

Rule 3: Start enjoying your life now, not tomorrow. Family and friends are not forever. Remember, you are not your life situation. If you haven’t learned to meditate, this is a great reason to do so. Keeping your sanity has no price tag. Learn to sing the Sri Mahisasuramardini Stotram. This chant has bags of positive energy.

“When you’re ready to break out of your cubicle…”

Rule 4: When you do get get an interview: show up on time, dress smart, be alert. Let future employers know you mean business. This entails concise communications and clarity. Demonstrate how you can be part of the team and benefit the organization. Remember, employers want to know that they are getting value for money.

Rule 5: Don’t underestimate first impressions. Deliver the goods and the job is yours. A great haircut and fabulous suit will lift your morale.

Rule 6: Nurture your personal brand. Yes, this means social media. A traditional CV is just a starting point. Today, social media has revolutionized the job search and the methodology for reaching out to potential enterprises. You need not work every social media channel but before you choose which ones to navigate give serious consideration to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google hangouts. Some people even use YouTube. If you go this route, don’t come across as an amateur.

“Because you refuse to believe that summer is really over…”

Rule 7: Showcase a portfolio of achievements. Make your presentation attractive and engaging. Portfolios are not just for creative types. They are for everyone and underscore high seriousness, attention to detail, and initiative.

Rule 8: Never stop learning. Engaging in non job search activities will boost your morale. Sign up for that class in Italian you always dreamed of, learn to play the guitar, buy yourself a Leica and take pictures in Paris, study with a pizzaiola in Naples. Above all, give yourself projects to keep your mind engaged and productive during your are search.

Rule 9: If you can, get extra credentials or certificates to enhance your skill sets. Sure, it’s an investment, but it’s sounder than nail biting. Nobody is too old or young to learn. Qualifications in today’s job market matter. Constant learning is par for any professional geared to excellence and self empowerment.

Rule 10: To unlock your true potential requires discipline, but it also demands the right mental attitude. Equip yourself with relevant strategies to create a fulfilling career. Work should not be just a means to an end. Everyone has to feel that what they do does matter. Everyone has something to offer. So do you!

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Article Title: How To Unlock Your Career Potential
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