Summer Is Cocktail Time

“When you’re torn between a margarita and a mojito…”

Cocktail time takes the sting out of sobriety. Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect way to welcome a new season. Now take my cousin Muffy. She knows a good frozen daiquiri when she sees one. What I love most about my dear cuz is she doesn’t let small stuff get to her head, know what I mean. Open a newspaper and you’ll catch my drift. Reading current events and you feel buffaloed: riots, revolutions, horrid weather and the like. I wonder, do buffalo celebrate cocktail time?

So, Muffy dear, you will be pleased to know that Summer 2015 is going to be pure cocktail time. Everyone in Paris is wearing their chinos above the ankle. If that’s not enough reason to celebrate cocktail time, pink and kelly green are style favorites. Now where was I? Oh yes, looking for the crackers. Can’t eat chopped liver without crackers, what. Now, I remember. It’s about Muffy. She is so Madras, don’t you know.

I mean, even in winter she is up to her eyes in plaid. Cocktail time can do that to a person. My Mum says she is adorable. True she is most at home on the golf course or at our summer cottage off the coast of Maine. She is however, in her element anywhere, particularly at cocktail time. Can you imagine, it’s all down hill now that we’ve hit summer. It’s raining in Switzerland according to Louis. And in India, they’re heading to +100.

My gosh, I think I need a drink at this point. Wait, it’s too early for a G&T so I better stick to a cup of tea. Over the last few years, the tribe has seen the publication or re-edition of many books on the lifestyle and dress sense of American classics. These include “Take Ivy” by T. Hayashida, “The Ivy Look” by Graham Marsh & JP Gaul, “Preppy: Cultivating The Ivy Style” by Jeffrey Banks & Doria de la Chapelle, and “A Privileged Life” by Susanna Salk. By far the biggest hit has been the sequel to the Official Preppy Handbook by Lisa Birnbach.

“Because everyone loves a good party…”

With the craze for everything “vintage” reaching new heights, a new readership will feel right at home cuddling up with the OPH. It is perfectly suited to our troubled times. The humor alone makes this volume worth a couple of drinks. The book addresses all things Preppy: attitudes toward money, the right schools, pukka careers, suitable sports, political correctness, reality TV, and believe it or not even polar fleece.

The book has the charm and verve of the older version, but has been re-tuned like a grand piano. With artisanal gin such as Hendrick making the rounds at all the hip parties in the London last weekend, Lisa’s book has brought back into focus the tribe of Americana beloved the world over for its fascination with labradors, G&T soaked cocktail time, Camelot, yacht clubs and the old school tie.

It is probable that a copy sits permanently on the night table of Ralph Lauren, who has fashioned his empire on a dream established in 1635 on the rocky shores of New England.

Today’s new readership won’t remember the 1980s, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, or those all night parties on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard when the OPH came out. True Prep’s renewed attraction harks back to a Golden Age of American life. Think of those TV chestnuts such as Leave It To Beaver.

“Every preppy’s favorite summer sandwich…”

To get into the mood, why not go over to the drinks tray. There’s plenty of ice still left, and the shrimp cocktails are simply fab. Cocktail time must be the best time of day. Even my own memories are a bit fuzzy. Pink Gin can do that to a fellow. I can attest to being there. Well, someone carved my name into the balustrade at the Asticou. Thursday nights was the Biggie during the summer. Swing orchestra and fine dinning. The guys all sported deck shoes, Nantucket Reds, blue blazers and button down collar white shirts.

The gals were elegant, suntanned and wore a lovely pearl necklace handed down by their grandmothers. Nobody talked of name brands. However, we all knew where to get our clothes, which were formally or casually worn with nonchalance. With the endless rounds of drinks and smoke, everything was picture perfect. Nobody smoked electronic cigarettes at cocktail time. Like Audrey Hepburn once said, “It’s like kissing through a veil”. Sailing by day and imbibing at night to sounds of clinking glasses gave us a rhythm and many occasions for much laughter.

Summer brings al fresco lunches on secret island coves, the smell of pine and salt in the air, and the endless rounds of touch football on the beach. On other days, we would head over to Beals’s Lobster Pound with its wooden picnic tables for steamers, corn on the cob, and homemade blueberry pie. Can’t you just hear the voice over the PA, “Ah, numbah 54, your lobstah is ready!”

All these images are frozen in time not like margaritas but on the Internet for the intellectually and culturally curious. It’s an American version of the world of Jeeves and Bertie Wooster. Now the original readers are be a bit older today. Some are inter-married and some have traveled the world. The good news is they’re all still partying their boat shoes off.

So why has this trend for all things ivy come bouncing back? Well, for one thing, “vintage” is super trendy in fashion circles. Secondly, this lifestyle provides a good template not to loose your moral compass. Everyone needs sense of humour in a crisis, don’t you think. Thirdly, when it’s all said and done, it’s about “ease and confidence”. My own grandmother would have used one of those terrible politically incorrect adjectives, and said it was a question of “breeding”.

However, like with all luxuries, lifestyle “branding” has gone democratic in our global village. You might have a cottage in Hyannisport or Portofino. It doesn’t matter any longer what is your spiritual persuasion or the origins of your family. You can call your dog “Toussaint” or “Gladstone”. Nobody is fussed. It is about style, savoir-faire, and behaviour.

Even across the pond in towns such as Florence, a city of elegance, gentlemen can be seen wearing lime green or coral trousers, white polo shirts topped off with an old tweed jacket or linen blazer. On their sockless feet are loafers or boat shoes. Wrists generally sport an inherited old gold watch obviously inherited from Dad. No one pulls off style better than the Italians. So much so that certain Italians have purchased some of the very companies who manufactured the original clothes. Think of Brooks Brothers.

To sample today’s preppy style at its best, take an online visit with Ralph. You needn’t have been born to the Ivy spoon to glide into his vibe. All it takes is a little imagination. Lisa Birnbach will teach you the ropes; the rest is up to you.


Article Title: Summer Is Cocktail Time
Photographs: curated by ES

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Seersucker ‘n Bourbon In New Orleans

“Because you fancy a walk in the garden district…”

Flaunting seersucker in the sweltering heat is a hat trick. The people of New Orleans do it best. Perhaps its the mint juleps, iced bourbon, eating Po’ Boy sandwiches, or all that jazz.

Recently, I was getting monsoon flashbacks while stalking out first editions of William Faulkner and jazz vinyl. Fortunately, I was sporting a pair of Madras shorts, white polo shirt and a gray ‘n white striped seersucker sports jacket. Actually, the jacket was slung across my shoulder in this heat. But these are trifles.

Anyway you cut the watermelon for dessert, New Orleans is a thriving multicultural bouillabaisse with style and elegance. There is no better city I know to listen to Billy Holiday on a late summer evening.

“When you’re in the mood to swing…”

Speaking of style, we can thank J.Haspel for the seersucker suit, a genuine preppy wardrobe stalwart. This fabric was discovered in British India. Now, if a cloth can stand up to the humid heat of Chennai, it can stand up anywhere. Personally, were I in India, I’d opt for a lungi. However, lungis are not likely to make style statements in Old Easy. No siree! In fact, I’d probably get bounced out of The Commodore quicker than you can say jack rabbit three times backwards. Better stick to a sleek seersucker and crisp white shirt.

For the style curious, Haspel has been cranking out crackerjack seersucker since 1909. Although this brand will be unfamiliar to all but the preppy savvy, it’s certainly worth a detour to this town and pick one up. I for one just love those gentlemen, who have been responsible for keeping this American institution alive with their custom. To the firm’s credit, it continues to embrace classy instead of pandering to the vulgum pecus.

The creator of the seersucker suit, Joseph Haspel was also famous for never wearing socks. I’d love to credit him with this preppy style reflex. A social networker of the highest water, he pulled off a Richard Branson by swimming the Mississippi fully clad in his seersucker suit. It was a brilliant promotional coup for his innovative wash ‘n wear fabric. Before you could say drip dry, seersucker was adopted as a badge of summer nonchalance. It’s not surprising that the Ivy crowd took it up in spades in early 1960s.

Damon Runyon referred to this suit as “a badge of affluence.” 

Continuing to perpetuate the firm’s heritage of good taste, Haspel offers everything a gentleman needs to embrace warm weather. They do not however, offer Mint Juleps. For that you will have to repair to the Commodore’s bar in center of town.

“You’ll know what I mean when you miss New Orleans…”

Article Title: Seersucker ‘N Bourbon In New Orleans
Photographs: (1)brooks brothers (2)archival (3)Haspel

About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at RedHerring, a digital communications agency under the WCW Group brand.

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Polo Shirts Come Of Age L!VE

“From the hipper side of the preppy universe…”

“Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.”

(This is not a quote from Bilbo Baggins.) – Walt Whitman

My current collection of polo shirts are ready for the dust heap. Its time to buy replacements. For casual chic, nothing beats polo shirts in my view. The existential question debated between self and flesh and blood was which ones?

The issue was settled on the basis of which polo shirts are robust to take the beating the open road provides and their countless washings. My second criteria has been one of my pet peeves over the last few years: nothing made in ailleurs. I might admire these countries for many things, but when it comes to heritage and integrity I want to be able to rely on the actual provenance of the brand.

Thirdly, I appreciate when my polo shirts have integrity. This term is open to a never ending debate. F&B defines this as the cut. He prefers those polos with a slimmer silhouette. He claims this gives him more lank. He’s over six feet and feels short. I don’t know what you think, but this is ridiculous. Needless to say, bucked up by a couple double espressos we set forth in the summer rain to sort out the polo shirt conundrum.

And then it hit me like a ton of Lego. Of course, the old stalwart Lacoste. So we toddled over to their flagship store on the Champs. All the product ranges are on display, and better still the sale is in full throttle. If you are seeking iconic preppy classics, you will find this establishment polo shirt heaven. The brand today is not fussy or starched. It’s young vibrant and I believe if Rene Lacoste was vivant today, he’d love what the firm is up to. It’s a perfect example of how not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

All the shirts are 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton and made here in France. You heard that right folks. At the original factory in Troyes. Not shabby, what do you think! The colors are steadfast and do not bleed nor do they shrink unless you do what someone I know by the name of Cracker did. Namely take her white polo shirts and boil them at 60 degrees centigrade.

“Perfect if you are one of the seven samurai…”

For the hipper side of preppy, I recommend Lacoste L!VE. My F&B went gaga over a grey T-shirt featuring a tattooed Japanese sumo wrestler in the style of Hiroshige. Before you could say, lunch at Frenchie-To-Go three times backwards, he was waxing lyrical about each collection as well as unearthing creativity behind the latest. Clearly Lacoste has taken tradition and gave it a goodish twist.

I myself am quite content with the classic polo in terms of color and size. Allows me just enough room if I want to be self indulgent at the next BBQ cocktail party we’re headed to later this evening. Our host, a beak by the name of Brother Whitefish says, he’s featuring Tutu by Miles Davis.

Content as clams, we walked out of Lacoste with a dozen summer shirts between us. Pure preppy polo heaven I thought as we headed to the metro. Get over here post haste, if you want to profit from this exceptional sale. Cheers!

Article Title: Polo Shirts Come Of Age L!VE
Photographs: Lacoste

About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at RedHerring, a digital communications agency under the WCW Group brand.

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10 Preppy Essentials To Look Like Cary Grant

“If you want to be President, better dress the part…”

Pure preppy chic begins with the essentials. You need no longer flounder like a monkfish. Start by torching your belongings. If your girlfriends or wives have been buying your clothes, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The time has come to re-examine your persona as it is presented to the world. Preppy chic is the best way forward.

Why not take a few style cues from Gary Cooper? Whether you are dancing like a dervish or parading down the boulevards of the old Metrop, preppy chic will give you élan. Oscar Wilde once stipulated: “My taste is simple. I only like the best.” He did not mean that you should be a male show pony. He meant that the world begins its assessment of you by what you wear. You have your dignity and self respect to consider. So what are the rules of preppy chic?

“Because you can’t get enough tweed…”

Rule No.1: Preppy chic demands that “to thy own self be true”. I have a friend in London who dresses like Lord Byron. He looks fabulous. You should see his paisley dressing gown.

Rule No.2: Understatement
Despite this dictum, every environment demands a uniform. There are options, but use your judgement. Preppy chic does have rules, one which I believe is understatement. However dressing like a peacock is also quite preppy, particularly when wintering in Bermuda.

I don’t know about you, but most essays on the preppy look give me lumbago. Take for example the length of your coat sleeve. If it is too long, you feel awkward across the palm of the hand. Sleeve length should show just enough cuff to highlight a flick of the shirt and that present you received last Christmas from Tiffany’s.

“Tied up for any occasion…”

Rule No.3: Trouser Length
Some say that the trouser break should be just over the shoe. Others claim that you should show a bit of the sock or bare ankle with the shoe just below. This is quite a preppy act of insouciance.

Style mavens love their trousers north of the ankle. I myself am quite taken with this look in the summer. Thom Browne loves it all year round. If Brooks Brothers thought his take was louche, they never would have hired Thom.

Fashion photographers are now featuring preppy redux, and it has genuine street cred. If you are fortunate to live in the States, you must pay a visit to JPress in New York. Their clothes are a testament to good taste. You can order online, but you will miss all that “bulldog” glory that only a real visit can provide. York Street, the hip version of JPress on Bleeker is so hot at the moment that their clothes work well in Milan, Florence, and Tokyo.

St. Germain in Paris is a great place to watch French preppies. Saw this chap last weekend with his vintage 501 Levis, cuffs turned up showing the selvage. His jeans were topped with a white polo shirt and a fab Tweed sports coat. The cut of his coat was flawless, bespoke evidement. The tweed sported shades of burnt brush with a golden yellow over check. His socks were phone box red, and his brown brogues were Alden.

Never wear trousers too long or they will sweep the floor in their wake. Not a pretty sight to say the least. Trousers should sit nicely over the hips. Some men are fond of braces and others belts. I myself do not care for braces because I feel encased. I am also not a great admirer of belts, although nobody wants their trousers to fall down. Why not experiment with an old school tie to wrap around your waist aka Fred Astaire?

Rule No.4: Concerning Suits
You do not need 25 suits. Three is fine depending on your budget. I personally recommend Edward Sexton in London, Camps de Luca in Paris, and Gennaro Solito in Napoli.

If you do not want to go bespoke, visit Al Bazar in Milan. Lino Leluzzi can outfit you from head to claw in timeless style. His elegant pieces are sourced from local Italian manufacturers of the highest quality. Lino will tell you that dressing well is about your inner voice not about fashion statements. Be guided by his charm and charisma. This guy knows his stuff so come prepared with an empty suitcase.

In Paris, pay a visit to Stephane. His emporium is a compendium of good taste. One word of caution: you will probably love everything you see. Better bring a donkey, Stephane does not deliver.

Rule No.5: Choosing The Right Colors
Choosing the striking colors and patterns is great if you have an eye and like to standout in a crowd. The Duke of Windsor knew how to put together vibrant checks, and pull this off with great flourish. Ralph Lauren has been much inspired by the Duke and you can see this in his shops. Bold colours and patterns can work. If you need help, speak with one of his style consultants. Ralph’s staff has been well trained. Getting the right preppy look was never easier.

Some guys think that trousers should always be dark. Give this a serious rethink. Real guys do love color. Why not go for Nantucket red. Once you get comfortable feel free to add Kelly green, straw or egg shell blue. Twinned with a blazer and a pair of moccasins from Quoddy, and you are set for a wild evening at the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor.

Rule No.6: Concerning Black
The only time a gentleman should really wear black is to dinner or a formal occasion where a DJ is required. Yes, I am not blind and know that black is always trendy. However, why be so unimaginative. Personally, I feel that the “absence of color” is to be avoided unless you would like to be a gangster or an extra in the X Men. Saw a guy last weekend dressed in a black DB pin stripe suit. He was holding court in a pizza joint buried in Le Panier quarter of Marseilles. I know what your are thinking; He actually was the neighborhood Godfather.

The “little black dress” for men is a single-breasted midnight blue suit, 3 or 2 buttons down, and 4 working buttons on the cuff. “Kissing buttons” are great if you are in Italy. In Anglo-Saxon environments, it is seen as naff. Just ask Jeremy Hackett. Jeremy has been trying to teach men how to properly dress for years. Although the original Hackett no longer exists, you could do a lot worse than going to the shop which bears his name for your wardrobe stables.

The second suit should be gray. George Clooney is a perfect example of how well this shade suits men. Charcoal is ideal. Silver grey is fine for spring. Most men seem to prefer single to double breasted. Double breasted can be worn formally as well as casually. I have seen many guys in Milan wearing DBs. They pull it off without effort.

In Italy, shades of camel, caramel, and ivory work well in the warmer months. Choice depends on your personality. Give yourself a new aura. Remember, clothes are meant to be fun not incarcerate your body. The drape style is best. If your clothes are too tight, you won’t be able to breathe, let alone sit down.

The third suit can be pin strip, chalk strip in navy or charcoal. If you are up to it, try the timeless Prince of Wales check. I absolutely love this pattern, but I also recognise that this is not to everyman’s taste.

Rule No.7: The Art of Casual Preppy Chic
This rule concerns causal clothes. I like t-shirts and ripped up jeans as well as the next fellow. However, I only wear these bits when I am repairing my motorcycle or working in my rose garden. When you float through the streets of our more urbane environments, you need to put in a wee more effort to look smart. Shirts should be simple, and fit properly. Feel the material and make sure that they are soft to the touch, button well at the throat, and the sleeve length is in proportion to your arm and coat. There are many excellent shirt makers from which to choose.

If you desire oxford button down shirts, just send an email to David Mercer at Mercer & Sons. They are based in Maine, and without question make the best preppy shirts I know. Their quality is impeccable. Their styling still allows you to eat and not go on a starvation diet. Order a dozen and walk in Agnelli’s footsteps. Not to miss out on the “Made in the USA” trend, Brooks Brothers is once again manufacturing their iconic oxford button downs in North Carolina.

In Paris, I recommend Charvet and in London Turnbull & Asser. Both stores feature ready to wear as well as bespoke. Quality shirts last and represent comfort and a solid investment. They become softer with age. When the collars become frayed, they still look smart.

Rule No.8: Blazer Evangelists
No coat is more preppy chic than the blazer. It can be worn formally or casually with jeans. Blazers always look great in either single or double-breasted. Inspired from the Navy, it is one of the essential preppy pieces you shouldn’t be without. Traditional ones feature brass buttons. In Italy, I have seen fellows wearing single breasted with mother of pearl buttons. The feel is more relaxed, and is ideal in Portofino. It can be paired with smart polo shirts from Smedley.

Rule No.9: Shoes do more than cover your feet
Shoes can speak volumes and give the show away. Bespoke will spoil you forever. For ready-to-wear classics, you will be hard pressed to match anything by either Alden or Edward Green. Alden still make shoes in cordovan and best of all they are manufactured in the USA. Although their loafers are timeless, why not choose the model they designed for the USN in black.

“Walkin’ in glory…”

Trainers should be worn only on the pitch or in the gym. They are not exactly chic, if you catch my drift. If you want something for the weekend, why not visit Tod’s? Put on a pair of their hand-stitched driving moccasins favored by the racing fraternity. They fit like gloves, great barefoot, and look even better when beat up. Preppy chic never felt better.

Rule No.10: Patience My Precious
Building the right wardrobe takes time and patience. Feel free to experiment, but after a while you will find your own sartorial voice. Being preppy is more than just acquiring the right clothes and drinking champagne for breakfast. It’s an attitude on living well.

“Because you love that boyfriend attitude…”

Once someone told Cary Grant how much they admired his excellent taste, simplicity, and preppy chic style. He responded by saying, “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I wanted to be Cary Grant!”

Don’t we all.

Article Title: 10 Preppy Essentials To Look Like Cary Grant
Photographs: curated by ES

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Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at RedHerring, a digital communications agency under the WCW Group brand.

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Steppin’ Out Preppy In Batignolles

“There’s no better way to start your day…”

My cousin Muffy says, “shopping preppy can be so G&T”. Well Muffy, up here in Batignolles sits a treasure trove sandwiched between Place de Clichy and Rome. The whole neighborhood has gone preppy. It features everything from artisanal cider, pink ballet slippers, and emerald green cashmere jumpers. One chap was flogging vintage Alpine clothing just next to the church. You can’t get more preppy than that. Knowing our Uncle Alfred’s fondness for a good claret, I choose 3 from L’Ebeniste.

With the cool temperatures, everyone was wearing their preppy duffle coats from Gloverall. Perfect to keep the chill off my chest. You know, the one Monty wore when he was parading around North Africa. There’s one chap here named Bruce, and he literally lives in his. It seems he never tires of serenading his English bull dog pup, Gladstone.

Just think, on Saturdays, the organic market is in full swing on the Boulevard du Batignolles. Every preppy worth their salt has gone bio. Last weekend, I brought my donkey. Stocked up on organic fruit & vegetables, home baked breads, and goat cheeses wrapped in chestnut leaves.

There is even one cove selling hot potato pancakes whilst another fellow deals in fair trade hot chocolate. This stuff is syrupy and just the ticket on damp mornings. You can even buy alpaca cardigans from Peru to go with the felt Fedora you just bought to cut an extra dash. Jimi Hendrix would have felt right at home in this quarter wailing away from a rooftop swathed in a cloud of purple haze.

“When your world is inspired by all things preppy…”

The local cafes are packed out with preppy hipsters flaunting their shades. It doesn’t matter that the sky is the color of slate. How appropriate for Paris. On the terrace where I was taking my espresso, I heard music wafting out of an open window. It was one of my absolutely favourite jazz records, Parole e Musica, recorded by Helen Merrill for RCA Italiana in 1960. This record conjured up quite a mood.

Originally, it was cut for an Italian television programme entitled, “Moderato Swing” with Piero Umiliani and his orchestra. Each melody is prefaced by the voice of Fernando Caiati. His voice is unctuous and has the cadence of the young Marcello Mastrianni. Hearing him speak a portion of the lyrics before each song is sung, you feel transported to Rome, the whole Fellini gang in tow.

Today, there are not many people who remember this gem or for that matter Helen Merrill. She cut her teeth in 1955 with Clifford Brown and Oscar Pettiford with arrangements by Quincy Jones. All the songs on Parole are classics and remain fresh and seductive.

Just take that old chestnut, “Night and Day”. The vibe resonates like firecrackers on Chinese New Year. Her signature trait is the intelligence her voice carries. Contemporary jazz singers such as Diana Krall and Melody Gadot would not be possible without her legacy. Before I get too carried away on jazz, let me share with you a new discovery.

A recent phenomena is the craze for watercolor Ikat shirts and dresses. Traditionally, worn in Indonesia and India, they are now spotted on the backs of men and women wanting to add a French Touch to their sartorial vibe. The hot colors are so plush, don’t you know! Even Le Monde pointed out wearing this fabric adds just the right splash of insouciance.

“Because breakfast will never be the same…”

One stylish pony I was with couldn’t resist. She snatched up a clutch of vintage silk shirts in mustard and emerald to match an Ikat skirt. She has that preppy Parisienne knack for putting together knockout combos to create that je ne said quoi attitude. The fact that she has legs like a racehorse and also plays polo is besides the point.

As I watched her paw her way through the racks and pull forward prize items, I was stymied. The one she wore out of the shop turned quite a few heads, I must say, as she high tailed it down the rue Legendre for some of the best pastries in town.

Just in case you’re feeling a bit parched, there are plenty of hip bars to enjoy a mojito. Just think, the time to flaunt your ankles will soon be upon us. This knowledge makes it easier for me to step into the limelight with a swagger and smile. Life in Paris was never so sweet.

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Article Title: Steppin’ Out Preppy In Batignolles
Photograph: curated by ES

About The Author
Andrew Scharf shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, innovation, talent development, coaching, enchantment, and craftsmanship. He is also the head Koi at RedHerring, a digital communications agency under the WCW Group brand.

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